How to Play Slot Games

The most famous slot games like video poker are the nickel and penny video slot games alongside with dollar or a quarter reel-spinning slot games. While most of the video slots at a single time are normally capable of accepting 45 to 90 credits and sometimes can even take up to 500 credits, majority of the reel spinners at a single time can take only two to three coins. Maximum of the slot machines that you commonly find in the casinos consist of a currency detector to evaluate the amount of money you have inserted into the machine. Once you press the button denoted as “play one credit” on a reel spinner the game gets activated. You can keep on playing for as many coins you want to play.


But in a video slot machine you need to push two buttons, one button to specify the number of pay lines you wish to activate and another button to point out the amount of credits that you want to bet for each line. You will find that different video online slots have different pay lines, like some will have 5 pay lines while others can have 15 or 25 or can even have 50 pay lines allowing a maximum of 25 coins for each line. On the other hand most of the reel spinners have only one payout lines marked on the middle of the reel front glass. Many reel spinners also have 3 or 5 pay lines and each pay line is equivalent to a single coin played. Your winning is based on the type of symbols that tends to stop at a pay line. The most common symbols used on video slots are cherries, single bars, sevens, double bars and triple bars.

Video slots also include bonus rounds and “scatter pays”. Mainly because of this bonus round feature video slots have become the most popular Casinos games in the last few years. Scatter pay is normally generated if one or more selected symbols feature on the screen, even though they may be on different pay line. Likewise bonus is also triggered by special symbols. Moreover every time you strike a winning combination the cash amount that you have won will feature in the credit meter. If you want to withdraw the cash amount then you can press the “Cash Out” button. On pressing this particular button a bar-coded ticket will come out which you can collect from the online slots machine and can exchange it for cash amount.

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How Slot Machine Payback Percentage is Calculated

You will often find in most casinos there are specific slot machines located in particular carousel bear a sign board claiming to pay you 99% of the total amount that you have spend on betting on that particular machine. Though this may appear to you very appealing in most cases it proves to be deceiving specially if are not a regular player. Payback means the total percentage that you will be paid by the machine in the course of the game. The payback percentage calculation is preprogrammed inside the machine’s processor chip by the manufacturer based on specifications provided the casino which owns the machine. The percentage can vary from 75% to 99%. If you think that you can win more money on the machine which promises to give you a payback of 99% compared to machine which claims to give back 90% then you are wrong. The hidden secret is that payback is calculated on the total amount of profit that the machine makes in its lifetime. But if you’re a new inexperienced player then you will believe that 99% payback means that you are capable of winning 98$ for every 100$ that you spend on that machine.

Every slot machine has a meter which documents every single coin that is inserted in the machine and also records every single coin that is paid out. The modern age coinless machines have bill receptors that help to record all the credits that have been played on the machine. But never the less all slot machines works in the same way. So always remember to play slots within your limits. There are certain important tips for you if you are interested in making some profits through the slot machines betting. Always remember to play with the higher denomination slot machines as these machines usually have a bigger payback percentage compared to lower denomination machines. If you have enough money then always play those slots which offer the maximum payback. But this advice is not applicable for players who frequently go the casinos to play slots. Always remember that you should never play any kind of gambling games for excess money than you can really afford. But no matter how skillful or experienced you are at slot games at the end of the day what matters is how lucky you are because slot games have nothing to do with skills.