Ex-Witcher devs launch new studio, Wickerman Games

Ex-Witcher devs launch new studio, Wickerman Games

Ex-Witcher devs launch new studio, Wickerman Games

Fans of CD Projekt RED have another studio to put on their radar.

CD Projekt RED seems to be spawning small studios made up of former employees that hold the same DRM-free, post launch support ideals they do.

Wickerman Games’ Technical and Creative Director Chris Hardwick (no, not the Talking Dead guy) and Art and Company Director Dan Cordell, unveiled a Press Release, officially launching the company with the goal to “make the games nobody seems to be making.”

The Press Release outlines three basic tenets that the company will adhere to:

  1. Transparent Development
  2. A new approach to RPG Design
  3. Respect for both customer and staff

Arguably the most exciting thing on the list is the idea of transparent development. Fans will have access to prototypes for larger game systems as well as 3-D content and will be able to view time lapse videos of the developers as they work. 

For anybody who has ever been curious about the process of game development (it’s really hard), this is a prime opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to go from idea to store shelf.

As far as RPG design goes, Hardwick and Cordell emphasize the combination of player freedom and dynamic storytelling to create emergent gameplay as the basis for their core design decisions. 

There are no projects currently on tap for the company (at least that they are talking about yet), but it goes without saying that it’s a sure bet that we will be hearing from them soon.

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  1. AH25 - January 22, 2017 at 2:36 am

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