Netgear ships non-Apple TV

Netgear ships non-Apple TV

Netgear ships non-Apple TV

As Apple starts to ship the Apple TV, wireless equipment manfacturer, Netgear has become shipping its Digital Performer HD (EVA8000) device in america.

Similar in dimensions to some standard DVD player, the unit ships worldwide within the second quarter of 2007, the organization confirmed.

Digital Performer HD is really a mix-platform device for streaming digital content over home 802.11n systems to high-definition entertainment systems.

The $399 system works together with Home windows and Mac, network storage devices, and USB media devices and may stream media from sites like YouTube and Flickr. It’ll play movies aquired at BitTorrent’s new online film marketplace.

Capabilities include support for Home windows Media Connect and the ability to stream many unprotected file formats from Macs and Linux computers, flash drives and iPods.

It may play internet r / c and access RSS news feeds and NOAA weather and maps. It arrives with a handheld remote control.

The answer instantly finds out HD movies, Television shows, music files, and photos open to a house network, across multiple computers. It organises these right into a single media library shown on the television without necessity for media server software running on the pc.

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