MWSF: Tiger to ship ‘long before Longhorn”

MWSF: Tiger to ship ‘long before Longhorn”

MWSF: Tiger to ship ‘long before Longhorn”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed that Mac OS X Tiger is on schedule to ship in the first half of the year.

He joked with the Keynote audience at Macworld San Francisco that this would be “long before Longhorn”.

Jobs compared the new Spotlight search feature to desktop search tools from Yahoo and Microsoft, saying: “Because Spotlight is built right into the operating system we can do things that the others can’t.”

“Spotlight is fully integrated. It can do things you can’t do with a tool on the side,” he explained, using the ability of Spotlight to automatically update a search with newly added documents as an example.


Jobs also demonstrated new features that will be available in the new version of the Mac operating system. These included a new slideshow feature incorporated into mail.

The feature means that when emails arrive with a number of images attached it is possible to view these images as a slide show, and there are options for adding images to iPhoto.

Jobs also previewed some of the Widgets that will be available thanks to Dashboard. These included a currency converter, a dictionary, and a stock ticker. Unfortunately during the five minutes that the stock ticker was on the screen the Apple share price went down almost $2.

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