White-colored apple iphone 4 vanishes from Apple online shop

White-colored apple iphone 4 vanishes from Apple online shop

White-colored apple iphone 4 vanishes from Apple online shop

Within the wake from the white-colored iPhone 4’s latest delay, Apple has apparently excised all reference to the elusive white-colored whale from the online shop. Actually, the task is really thorough in ways they have been…whitewashed.

Ahem. Formerly, the website had displayed both black and white-colored versions from the apple iphone 4, plus a observe that the white-colored version wasn’t available either online or in-store pick-up. The white-colored model has completely disappeared, plucked in the page as if excised in the very fabric from the world.

Apple’s announcement from the phone’s delay on Tuesday came soon after the organization updated its Apple Store iPhone application, where a glitch briefly demonstrated the white-colored apple iphone 4 readily available for purchase.

While lots of speculation continues to be offered concerning the reasons for the delay – mismatched colours around the device’s situation and residential button, light leakage that affected your camera, cracks within the casing – Apple has continued to be typically close-mouthed, saying that the white-colored model had proven “tougher to fabricate than expected.”

Still, the white-colored apple iphone 4 endures within the minds of Internet theorists, a number of whom have recommended it might finally appear the coming year like a Verizon-compatible handset. Others, however, believe that the disappearance in the store might signal the device’s quiet shuffling from the mortal coil.

Frankly, I’d almost be enticed to state the unit had not existed to begin with, whether it weren’t for the truth that I held one out of my very hands in June. That leaves only one logical conclusion for that fate from the white-colored apple iphone 4: it had been purloined with a mobile phone-using time traveler.


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