Apple submits updated plans for ‘spaceship’ campus

Apple submits updated plans for ‘spaceship’ campus

Apple submits updated plans for ‘spaceship’ campus

Updated plans for Apple’s so-known as spaceship campus happen to be posted by the organization, that was first outlined through the late Jobs in June.

Apple’s updated submission continues to be published around the Town of Cupertino website though shows couple of changes in the original plans, apart from more in depth sketches.

Apple’s spaceship campus: What is the message?

The complex, that is likely to be fully operational by 2015 was referred to as searching “similar to a spaceship arrived” by Jobs, and can cover some 2.8 million square ft. Around 13,000 employees could be housed there.

Minor changes towards the plans, including an expanded corporate fitness center, a personal jogging path and much more parking for that corporate auditorium are available in the updated submission.


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  1. Rawbear - February 3, 2017 at 2:36 am

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