Nordic Awesome: Viking Americana and the way forward for Game Titles  Dust 514  Eve Online

Nordic Awesome: Viking Americana and the way forward for Game Titles Dust 514 Eve Online

Nordic Awesome: Viking Americana and the way forward for Game Titles  Dust 514  Eve Online


Scandinavian developers Kristoffer Touborg and Saku Lehtinen discuss Nordic gaming influence and the way forward for the entertainment industry.

[This is actually the second a part of a glance at Nordic Cool’s Game Design: Behind the Screen discussion. Read the beginning here.]

In the Nordic Awesome festival in Washington, Finnish game maker Saku Lehtinen identified the way the region’s relationship around popular culture enables suggestions to “echo backwards and forwards within the Atlantic” and demonstrated using Americana in Max Payne and Alan Wake as types of that connection.

He recommended that this is actually the development conduit which helps Nordic game development to look after the worldwide market although still such as the cultural distinctiveness of Scandinavia. He reported Max Payne to illustrate writing which, although clearly rooted in US culture, contained many parallels with Norse mythology.

When requested if there’s a temptation to provide a game title that’s distinctively Nordic, Kristoffer Touborg, Lead Designer of Iceland-based CCP Games, interjected with “…when we ever make Viking game I’ll die from shame.”

When searching in the rise of game titles included in popular culture, Lehtinen charted his participation with what started like a modest hobby culture within the latter area of the twentieth century, with parents who’d chide the youthful bed room coder to “obtain a proper job”, a minimum of until it brought to his effective “dream come true” career employed in “a medium where one can interactively talk to people.”
imgresTouborg remembered his thought at college that “video games would be the new movies” and organized Trion’s Defiance, a Tv show coupled to some gaming, to illustrate the way the two media are fusing to provide modern entertainment. He spoken about game titles like a “super flexible medium”

“Movies haven’t really altered much meaning hour and half lengthy – you can view them both at home and in the movies. Games really are a different animal. You are able to take a seat on public transit and play an iOS game, you are able to go back home and spend 15 hrs on Wow – avoid that, I believe that could be overdoing it a bit. Pace her.”

“It’s so flexible: it can be done multi-player, it can be done alone, it is simply a medium which i feel has been doing perfectly in reaching all sorts of differing people in all sorts of different situations. That alone is really a gigantic advantage.”

An issue in the audience requested for any conjecture for the future of the profession. Together, Touborg and Lehtinen offered numerous key predictions device integration as exemplified by Defiance and also the EVE/DUST link, social revolution (Touborg hopes Lol titles will push baseball from sports bars), and digital distribution allowing small developers immediate access to consumers.

Because the innovation and drive of Nordic game studios is constantly on the influence the recording game industry, anything can be done. In the end, they are a people whose ancestors explored further and thrived in ridiculously harsh environments. There’s a foolhardy spirit of chance within their bloodstream. It’s possibly not really a coincidence the proverb “nothing embarked, nothing gained” originates from Njáls Saga in Viking literature.


[For additional detail on which Kristoffer ‘CCP Soundwave’ Touborg needed to say about EVE Online et al, take a look at Freebooted, your gateway towards the EVE Online blogging community.]


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