Future: The Taken King game play launch trailer

Future: The Taken King game play launch trailer

Future: The Taken King game play launch trailer

Destiny’s Taken King new content coming September 15th.

Bungie, the studio behind Future has revealed a brand new trailer for that Taken King. A clip shows of a lot the brand new content that’ll be visiting us on September 15th. Taken King will feature 2 new strikes, 5 story missions, a brand new raid, and another place to explore, the Dreadnaught.


To date, Bungie only has proven among the strikes known as Shield Siblings. If you’d like to determine the brand new strike you’ll find it on Bungie’s Twitch funnel.

Should you bought the Dark Below DLC for Future, then you know the primary raid boss is Oryx’s boy, Crota. Oryx is clearly pissed that you simply wiped out his boy has become coming for you personally, and that he has introduced a completely new variety of opponents. The Taken are reskinned form of the initial opponents in Future, but what’s special about this option are they manage a lot differently compared to normal opponents do.

Fleshing the world

With this particular re-creation towards the Future franchise, we are getting much more content. As you can tell within the trailer, you will see new subclasses for each one of the figures and new exotic weapons are visiting switch the original copies. However some exotics can make it in year two, for example Red Dying, Suros Regime, and The Final Word. Furthermore, Future will have cutscenes in the ends from the story missions to hopefully help flesh the story that’s been missing to date.

When it comes to story, the missions happen to be stated to consider about 6-7 hrs to conquer. Should you explore round the Dreadnaught, you should use your ghost to scan objects surrounding you to inform much more story by what the objects represent in-game. A lot like the grimoire cards on Bungie’s website except it’s not necessary to leave your game to understand what is happening.

The crucible may also be benefiting from major updates. When Taken King arrives, Bungie is going to be pushing a brand new patch. This patch will hopefully fix many of the damage that is happening within the crucible now. Hands cannons are now being nerfed while auto rifles are becoming a lift in addition to pulse rifles and scout rifles. To repair the apparent Thorn, Last Word problem. Now you may stand an opportunity if you are just beginning out when Taken King arrives.

It appears as though Bungie is familiar with much in the past year of Future and will also be making significant enhancements towards the game.

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