Command and Conquer Exclusive Interview?

Command and Conquer Exclusive Interview?

Command and Conquer Exclusive Interview?

The Command and Conquer series is among the most lasting real-time strategy series up to now, having a hardcore fan-base to demonstrate it. Understandably, when EA announced the most recent entry within the series could be Free-to-Play, there have been a number of questions and a number of mixed reactions. Thus, when EA asked us late recently in the future browse the current alpha build from the game I required the chance to sit down lower using the game’s Gm, Jon Van Caneghem so as shed some light around the franchise’s F2P future. Within the interview we discuss the decision to visit Free-to-Play, the game’s monetization plans, personalization, tournament support, social aspects, and the way forward for another C&C universes.

MMOBomb: So for individuals not really acquainted with the Command and Conquer series, are you able to provide a description from the franchise and why it’s been very popular with players?

Caneghen: Command and Conquer is really a lengthy running RTS franchise that’s existed for additional then 17 years with more than 17 products within the series. The newest entry has been built on Frostbite 2 (utilized in BF3) like a F2P title. So it’s a continuing live game.

MMOBomb: Why did you’re going Free-to-Play versus the lengthy standing tradition from the series being Buy-to-Play?

Caneghen: That’s an issue we obtain constantly. Within the main issue I believe you’ve seen lots of PC titles selling in boxes beginning disappear you realize? It isn’t been simple to sell these questions box. So things are moving on the internet and I truly think it’s the long run for games, specifically for Computer games. So relocating to F2P really appeared natural so we wanted to create farmville for an online plan to continue to increase it. It’s kinda that old box game, we built it, we place it inside a box, we send it, hopefully you want it. Being an video game you can begin playing it, we could increase it, and i believe its the very best of all possible worlds. It’s perfect for the shoppers and it is perfect for the developers who iterate around the game.

MMOBomb: How can you intend on converting the Command and Conquer RTS experience where typically everybody has already established use of everything, right into a balanced non pay-to-win free-to-play model?

Caneghen: To begin with its a AAA game that could have been inside a box. And So I think it’s a large bold move for EA to consider a game title that may have easily been include a box and billed 60 dollars for making it open to individuals who do not have that barrier of entry. So that’s an enormous benefit immediately. They’re receiving this top quality game that’s never really received to individuals like a F2P product.

Next, I believe so that you can increase it constantly really helps when it comes to what players wish to accomplish and play and find out. We’d small communities in the last box games that adopted the games and anxiously waited to have an expansion. For all of us to aid that like a writer so that as an improvement group, constantly creating a bigger live audience I believe is an infinitely more exciting bit of getting into the F2P space. Should you consider it F2P is actually only a monetization plan along with a way that people purchase games due to that. Therefore we enjoy to consider this as only the next great Command and Conquer game and F2P is only the way people are likely to can get on.

MMOBomb: So along individuals same lines, maybe there is any kind of gating of content like the restriction of the particular group of units or perhaps faction? Will players need to pay with in both-game currency or cash shop currency to be able to unlock the content that may affect game play? I’m basically asking if you will see any P2W qualities hanging around.

Caneghen: (Laughs) No that’s an excellent question about P2W. That’s our greatest fear from core fans that are looking a level strategy game. Therefore we are actually striving to make sure that once you begin the match the sport is even. Everybody will get access to the 3 factions as well as their particular units.

The primary piece we’re monetizing is which general you play. So that they all customize the game slightly differently, but they’re all fair when it comes to the way you play. So it’s about customizing your playstyle not to mention, the personalization of methods the units look hanging around. Then on the top of this there’s a lot of problem bet on leveling up and accessing increasingly more stuff.

MMOBomb: You pointed out inside your original presentation their intends to expand upon the bottom F2P Command and Conquer game with the help of another popular C&C universes for example Tiberium and Red Alert. Will these be added in as compensated expansions or can they be free also?

Caneghen: No we absolutely wish to stick to the same path. Then when we come forth with Tiberium and Red Alert as well as their particular units, players can have a look free of charge and add individuals units for their collection.

MMOBomb: Using the push for games to become more socially interactive there’s been a rise in the worry of publishers focusing an excessive amount of around the social aspects and “dumbing down” the title right into a more social MMO or RTS which has a reduced skill cap. How can you balance attempting to attract a large F2P market while still striving to become a hardcore competitive RTS?

Caneghen: We would like that it is a competitive product. We would like it to be precisely what you anticipate from an RTS. The social elements are just there to increase features. They aren’t critical features making it unplayable unless of course you decide to go get 10 buddies or something like that. We all do wish to add some social features we view be very effective in other games to be able to generate more players, keep people connected, see what accomplishments your buddies have experienced, a single click enroll in a game together with your buddies list or perhaps your clan in addition to take part in tournaments.

MMOBomb: Going across the tournament line. Have you got plans for built-in tournaments inside the client where players can register without getting to visit an internet site outdoors from the game?

Caneghen: No that’s certainly a part of our plan and would really take part in the primary interface. When there exists a tournament all set to go all you’ll have to do is click it. You want to have automated tournaments happening constantly so that you can do smaller sized ones and larger ones around having the ability to keep a record all individuals. It’s a huge part from the development plan.

MMOBomb: The last personalization question. Lots of occasions we have seen games offering a lot personalization both cosmetically and thru such things as skill trees that the player entering it might not figure out what they’re going facing. Have you got any plans outdoors of customizing generals that effect units for example modifying their own health or spawn occasions etc?

Caneghen: Yeah there are several, but they’re all really focused round the players level that we can mention helps with the matchmaking. It’s really concerning the general though, so visiting a player’s general you kinda know the process they’re going for. Clearly should you go facing a GLA tank general then their tanks will be a little more effective then other players or perhaps other GLA tanks. So that you can gauge immediately from the beginning screen according to what general they choose virtually how it’s likely to go. There’s no hidden tech trees or something that will make the units play completely different. It’s okay in advance and pretty obvious.

MMOBomb: Obviously the issue that many people need to know the solution to. Any official details regarding when players can get enter into the beta?

Caneghen: (Looks at PR agent) And So I think the only real factor I’m permitted to state is 2013, but we all do possess some major occasions approaching which are pretty much noted for Command and Conquer.

MMOBomb: You pointed out inside your presentation the game may have integrated support. Can there be any intends to have any esports celebrities to stream the sport competitively?

Caneghen: It’s certainly a part of our marketing strategy. It’s lower the lines of attempting to become an esport product. I do not think you decide to go after it saying you will be one. You need to develop a great game and you’ve got to construct a residential area first. I Then think a few of the more famous players can come and check out, and when they adapt i then think you are able to say there’s an esport.

MMOBomb: That’s a humble reaction to say that you’re going to be an esport versus just saying you will be an esport.

Caneghen: No It happens once you have something popular and you’ve built an excellent game.

MMOBomb: I appreciate you making the effort with this interview!

Caneghen: Terrific!


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