Watch the EA Gamescom 2015 press briefing here [Update: The entire recap]

Watch the EA Gamescom 2015 press briefing here [Update: The entire recap]

Watch the EA Gamescom 2015 press briefing here [Update: The entire recap]

Update: The Ea press conference has ended, but because guaranteed, Shacknews includes a full recap for anybody that might have been sleeping with the wee hrs from the night. This is what you missed.

Requirement for Speed adopts further detail about its campaign, including discussing much more about the actual-world racing icons which will inhabit the planet.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst took its first game play footage, revealing footage of among the game’s early levels.

The Exorcist: That Old Republic revealed a brand new trailer for that approaching “Fallen Empire” expansion, whilst expanding a regular membership incentive for any special in-game companion.

The Sim cards 4 gets a brand new expansion which will highlight the Sims’ social nature. Prepare to ‘Get Together’ in November.

Plants versus. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 gets a brand new stage along with a new hub world. Also, it’s through an unlikely crossover for individuals searching to pre-order by means of a ‘Grass Effect’ mech.

Solve has newer and more effective game play footage, revealing a lot of game’s environments.

The Exorcist Battlefront will require towards the skies using the new Fighter Squadron mode, that will introduce 20v20 dogfights aboard legendary The Exorcist fighters.

FIFA 16 gets a bit more fantasy, thanks to a different mode known as Fut Draft.

The entire archived press conference can also be embedded below, for anybody searching to trap the important thing moments.

Original story: Ea makes the visit to Germany with this year’s Gamescom. There are several major bulletins planned with this year’s press briefing, with The Exorcist Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst bulletins already confirmed. Obviously, EA has many other games slated for next season, so search for extra info on games like Plants versus. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and want for Speed, amongst others.

The press briefing begins at 1AM PT/4AM ET. Catch the entire stream below and make certain to stick with Shacknews after it’s over for any full recap.

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