Pentium 4 ‘fails business-use test’

Pentium 4 ‘fails business-use test’

Pentium 4 ‘fails business-use test’

Intel’s much-hyped Pentium 4 Processor ships today – but can’t cut the mustard for business use, a United kingdom IT newspaper claims.

Inside a front-page story the weekly news publication, IT Week, claims that the business-application benchmark test shows the 933MHz Pentium III outperforms the fir.5GHz Pentium 4.

Commenting around the results, nick pundits state that, when applications happen to be enhanced for that Pentium 4, this gap will close. Apple expects the Pentium 4 to take into account half its desktop sales by the start of 2002.

The Pentium 4 fared best running graphics-intensive software, for example design packages and 3D games.


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