Halo Announces Tournament, $500,000 in Prizes  Halo 4 Trailer

Halo Announces Tournament, $500,000 in Prizes Halo 4 Trailer

Halo Announces Tournament, $500,000 in Prizes  Halo 4 Trailer


Halo Tournament announced with this summer time-Halo fiends rejoice!

E3 has transpired, and Halo has showed up with exciting updates! A few days was filled with great conferences, interviews, and a lot of new games for everybody to become looking forward to. Now you have to relay the exciting news we been told by the conference a week ago.

Probably the most exciting news: Halo 4 Trailer Tournament continues to be formally announced like a real factor! The tournament will be described as a free-for-all for those participants. It will likely be happening in the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas, so bring sun block!

The date from the tournament is going to be This summer fifth-seventh. All participants may also be in a position to entitled to the tournament itself in-person an internet-based, that is thrilling for those potential participants. The tournament may have almost $500,000 dollars in prizes (that’s a great deal of consoles and games!) Additional information by pointing out event and pre-registration for that RTX qualifier, in addition to registration for that online area of the tournament, is going to be announced and on This summer first. To learn more, interested participants can return to Halo Waypoint for that every detail concerning the approaching tournament.

To learn more about everything Halo take a look at Halo Waypoint.


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