Gracenote deal means iTunes could offer song lyrics

Gracenote deal means iTunes could offer song lyrics

Gracenote deal means iTunes could offer song lyrics

iTunes users may soon get access to the lyrics of songs they own, carrying out a landmark cope with major music publishers.

Presently, Gracenote offers the album and song information to iTunes users ripping their very own CDs. Gracenote provides this data because the beginning of iTunes – it props up CDDB, that the media software will access whenever you rip.

In recent several weeks, music publishers happen to be following through against websites hosting lyrics without permission. The publishers are trying to safeguard written music sales, but happen to be criticised for his or her actions, which put lyrics past the achieve of fans within an more and more digital music age.

Gracenote has announced it has signed contracts to license song lyrics from Warner/Chappell Music, the publishing arm of Warner Group and EMI Music Publishing, in addition to leading independent writer ABKCO Music. Deals are also agreed using the Bob Dylan Music Company, Disney Music Publishing, Ice Nine Publishing, and Windswept Holdings.

These latest contracts imply that Gracenote has completed licences with all of five major music publishers, and brings the entire of participating publishers to greater than 80. Additionally, it brings the legal rights to thousands and thousands of recent song lyrics towards the Gracenote Lyrics catalogue, that was launched in This summer 2006.

These licenses create the very first legal mass commercial utilization of lyrics. It is really an important part of improving the consumer digital music experience, while protecting the legal rights of songwriters and music publishers.

The organization expects the very first openly available lyrics plan to launch in america at the begining of 2007, enabling digital music retailers to provide legal use of a lyrics catalogue.

“Gracenote is opening the doorway towards the availability of the very most comprehensive database of song lyrics ever compiled,” stated Craig Palmer, Chief executive officer of Gracenote.

Included in the plan, independent publishers and songwriters can register online for Gracenote’s writer program and also have their lyrics provided with the Gracenote service.


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