amiibo Will not Support Multiple Save Game Data

amiibo Will not Support Multiple Save Game Data

amiibo Will not Support Multiple Save Game Data


Just one save file could be kept in Nintendo’s amiibo figurines at any given time!

As amiibo’s official release date rapidly approaches, lots of details about these popular figurines has surfaced, giving us lots of insight about how exactly they are effective out. Nintendo’s figurines possess the unique feature to be readable by multiple games being released for the Wii U and 3DS systems.

Nintendo has outlined a vital improvement in using amiibo figurines between certain games, for example Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Players. These games possess a read only feature using the amiibo’s, in which you only need connect the amiibo towards the game you are playing and it’ll unlock special rewards.

However, when connecting the amiibo figurine to some game that both reads and writes data towards the figure, there might be no previous written data around the amiibo. Should you desired to connect your amiibo up to and including different game, you would need to erase the save data onto it first.

Presently, the only real game announced that utilizes this selection to the maximum extent may be the new Super Smash Bros. 4, which means this is not really a problem. However, Nintendo most likely has other games in your mind which will make the most of the amiibo’s read/write feature. This could cause trouble for Nintendo later on, forcing user’s to purchase multiple versions of the identical amiibo figure when they would like it to use different games without losing their save data.

There are methods Nintendo could fix this issue, for example adding an Application towards the e-Shop that enables users to keep their amiibo save data around the Wii U system to allow them to load another game’s data onto it. We will have whether or not they finish up doing something similar to this.

amiibo’s release date is closer than you think now, with more than per week to visit. With amiibo confirmed to abandon Nintendo’s usual region locking policy, there is no reason you cannot order from the different region for several figurines you might like to receive sooner than your friends.


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