Pokemon GO Gym Rework: What Fans Want

Pokemon GO Gym Rework: What Fans Want

Niantic Labs is preparing big things for Pokemon Continue its second year because the studio teased some major updates for that augmented reality title this season. We?ˉve yet to understand just what the major updates brings, but Niantic has given a gist of what to anticipate, also it includes a change to Pokemon GO Gyms. Here?ˉs what fans want in the Pokemon GO Gym rework coming later this season.


Niantic Labs Chief executive officer John Hanke lately teased the developer continues to be focusing on PvP content for that augmented reality title. This will probably be a thrilling prospect and have hanging around as thus far, players are only able to combat the AI. It might get boring sometimes, along with a human-controlled enemy sounds more and better exciting.

Among the Pokemon GO Gym rework addition ought to be PvP within the gyms. It might provide the game a far more edge against your competitors that may draw more players. If PvP does get put into the sport, then there is a chance that it is likely to require players to battle only individuals in closeness to prevent problems when combating others online. Furthermore, players can’t also access gyms from far distances.

Global Rewards

Another exciting addition for that Pokemon GO Gym rework ought to be a rewards system that provides players of the certain team more products following a set time. Niantic should keep an eye on the amount of gyms each team holds, and also the greatest scorer ought to be rewarded with increased loot and bonuses.

This ought to be a reasonable need to keep players more active with regards to gym battling. Players will certainly work together to dominate all of the gyms inside their area if the feature does get put in the approaching update.

Global Occasions

We haven’t seen any kind of Global Occasions hanging around yet, and adding these to the approaching gym rework appears like an excellent start. Niantic might take heed of the items Game Freak did using the occasions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Essentially, each team should their very own teams of missions that may be performed by all the players most of the teams.

Team Bonuses

Team Mystic, Valor, and Instinct don’t offer much to players. Area of the approaching update ought to be bonuses within the gyms, based on what team holds it. This could make selecting a team a far more serious matter.

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