Pokemon GO Update: What So When To Anticipate The Main Updates In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Update: What So When To Anticipate The Main Updates In Pokemon GO

Niantic Chief executive officer John Hanke lately says the gen 2 update for Pokemon GO is simply the oncoming of other big things coming later this season. There are plenty of products to anticipate from the augmented reality game, and players ought to be really excited. Here’s what so when to anticipate a significant Pokemon GO update.

Pokemon GO Legendaries

Surprisingly, Hanke discussed the thought of Legendary Pokemon, and based on the Chief executive officer, these effective Pokemon will launch this season. Although we’ve yet to understand when that’s, there is a chance that we’ll see these Pokemon within the game’s newbie anniversary of their full launch that is in This summer.

Fans expect the Legendary Pokemon to participate global occasions that have been also pointed out by Hanke in another interview. The Pokemon GO update featuring the Legendaries from gen 1 and gen 2 is one thing we ought to all expect to. We may be seeing Mew, MewTwo, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Ho-oh, Lugia, and Celebi soon.

Gym Rework

Hanke also says the Pokemon Gyms in Pokemon GO is going to be reworked. We’ve yet to be aware what the rework is going to do to gyms, but from the feel of things, they may obtain a huge overhaul this season. Players can get lots of changes this season and also the gym rework would be the initial Pokemon GO update.

We may receive this Pokemon GO update soon because the latest inclusion of new Pokemon could’ve forced players to alter strategies within their gyms. Players and teams might be altering techniques again when the gym rework hits.

A Fix To Spoofing

The greatest surprise in Hanke’s interview is he addressed the problem of spoofing that has been a large problem because the launch from the game. Spoofing is recognized as a hack that enables players to benefit from the game’s Gps navigation-based game play. To put it simply, spoofers can perform a much more things than regular players within the shortest period of time possible.

This may not take part in the 3 major Pokemon GO updates coming this season because it appears just like a pretty minor change hanging around. We’ve yet to understand if this fix can come but Niantic must start focusing on it As soon as possible because this could save players a lot of time reporting cheaters.

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