Lol Galio Rework: Galio Maintains Taunt, New Global Ultimate, and much more

Lol Galio Rework: Galio Maintains Taunt, New Global Ultimate, and much more

Lately, Riot Games revealed the Galio rework page which details his new abilities and skins. The Lol Galio rework implies that the type is agile and it has disruptive skills plus some of his old version’s methods. Lastly, Galio’s new ultimate has a wide range making him a dependable tank. Here’s what we should know to date concerning the new Lol Galio rework.

Galio Rework

Around the official Lol site, the extensive Galio rework information continues to be revealed. Galio’s new lore, abilities, and fundamental combos were discussed. Galio’s new champion title is “The Colossus” which sounds simpler than his previous title, “The Sentinel’s Sorrow.”

Splash Damage Passive

Galio’s new innate passive is Colossal Smash which enables him to make use of an AoE magic damage attack as his next autoattack. Colossal Smash scales off bonus Attack Damage and Magic Resist stats making him keep his old Magic Resist-scaling passive however in another form. This attack continues cooldown per use but could be reused faster when the player keeps landing Galio’s spells.

New Go-To Damaging Spell

Galio’s new Q, Winds of War, makes him shoot two blasts of wind that’ll converge in a certain range. Both blasts will deal a set quantity of magic damage whether it hits. When the winds effectively converge, it’ll form a windy field of health percentage magic damage. This ability may give a good substitute for Galio’s previous Q, Resolute Smite, that was usually spammed because it deals high magic damage particularly if he already has enough Ability Power.

Taunt Intact

Meanwhile, his new W, Shield of Durand, enables him to enter a stance to achieve defensive buffs and crowd control immunity but lose movement speed. This skill is perfect for extending Shield of Durand’s effects and improving its release ability. Upon releasing the Shield of Durand ability, Galio will cause the Taunt debuff on nearby enemy champions. The duration and selection of Galio’s taunt is improved upon for the way lengthy the Shield of Durand’s effect is.

Shield of Durand takes some from the older Galio’s methods because it is a mixture of Bulwark and the previous ultimate, Idol of Durand. Bulwark is really a buff that gives a defensive boost to themself or perhaps an ally and Galio regains health every time the buffed ally is hit. Meanwhile, Galio’s old ultimate enables him to taunt opponents within an area. Formerly, Galio always needed to make his ultimates count to become disruptive towards the enemy team.

Gap Closer

Justice Punch has become Galio’s new E ability. Justice Punch makes Galio hop back and perform a flying punch forward. Any opponents hit is going to be sent airborne and counts like a disruptive ability. Since it’s a skillshot, you can use it to chase stragglers or avoid opponents. However, Justice Punch isn’t a dependable escape tool because it stops when hitting champions or terrain.

Galio’s previous E ability, Righteous Gust, transmits out a gust that damages opponents on-hit leaving an area of motion speed buff. Justice Punch does Galio’s approach more justice because he approaches having a fast and difficult crowd control approach. Righteous Gust wasn’t reliable enough in assisting Galio enter selection of his ultimate. At the best, Galio more often than not needed to spend Flash summoner spells just to go into position.

Protective Setplay Global Ultimate

Lastly, Galio’s new ultimate enables him to safeguard allies much like Shen’s ultimate. Rather of applying an obstacle, Galio gives Shield of Durand’s defensive buffs to his ally and prepares for any large drop toward the ally’s position. The drop transmits opponents airborne, and individuals near the middle of the drop stay awake in mid-air longer. At the best, Galio’s ultimate is hard to rely on to make use of when saving allies from fast burst champions like Zed and Syndra. However, this ultimate shines when accustomed to complement a friend initiate with an enemy team.


Overall, the Lol Galio rework adds another disruptive tank within the champion roster. Players planning to have another durable Champion with lots of crowd control tools can depend on Galio. Stay updated with increased Lol news here on TheBitBag.

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