Horizon Zero Beginning Patch 1.03 Live: What You Are Able Have Missed In The PS4 Update

Horizon Zero Beginning Patch 1.03 Live: What You Are Able Have Missed In The PS4 Update

Lately, Horizon Zero Beginning received the patch 1.03. The update brings crash fixes and hotfixes to particular in-game equipment such as the Carja Storm Hunter set and Thunderjaw Disc Launcher. Here’s what you are able have missed about Horizon Zero Beginning patch 1.03.

Horizon Zero Beginning Patch 1.03

Based on GGJeroen’s publish coming Zero Beginning Reddit, the patch 1.03 contains many fixes because of its game play crashes and issues. These complaints were mostly present in quests along with other general game play features. Here’s their email list from the patch 1.03 changes based on the publish.

  • Fixed an accident that may occur during “The Heart from the Nora,” after you have wiped out through the corrupted Thunderjaw whatsoever-Mother’s entrance.
  • Fixed a problem in which the game would crash on “The Curse to Darkness” when left idle for any couple of minutes, after selecting continue in the Primary Menu.
  • Fixed an accident that will occur during “Revenge from the Nora” once the player could be wiped out through the Bellowback.
  • Fixed an accident that may occur once the player was wiped out through the Behemoth during “The Terror from the Sun” quest.
  • Fixed a problem in which the loading screen would hang after viewing the cutscene following the credits.
  • Fixed a progression issue during “Deep Strategies of the Earth” where Aloy couldn’t re-go into the secret entrance after fast traveling out.
  • Fixed a problem where Aloy could mount machines with heavy weapons outfitted.
  • Fixed a problem where bandits would spawn within the mountain during Bandit Camp “Two Teeth.”
  • Fixed a problem enabling you to already scan the datapoint “Record of Redmaw 2” spoiling the search.
  • Fixed a problem where tracks wouldn’t be highlighted unless of course het player what food was in a particular distance.
  • Fixed an accident with Hunting Grounds 1 while in combat using the Grazers.
  • Fixed a problem in which the quest icon would display the wrong quest when finishing “Gift in the Past” and transitioning to “The Reason for the Spear.”
  • Fixed a problem where Vanasha wasn’t appearing to activate the “Traitor’s Bounty” quest.
  • Fixed a problem during “The Town of the Sun” where Erend wouldn’t spawn properly.
  • Fixed a problem in which the Override icon wouldn’t always display on overridden machines.
  • Fixed a problem where players would accidentally skip the motion picture during “A Gift in the Past.”
  • Fixed a problem during “The War Leaders Trail” in which the player couldn’t communicate with Sona after fast traveling.

Equipment Fixes

Meanwhile, GGJeroen also published about some changes to Carja Storm Hunter outfit. The Thunderjaw Disc Launcher seemed to be nerfed within this patch. The Carja Storm Hunter outfit’s 90 % damage was reduced to five percent. Meanwhile, the Thunderjaw Disc Launcher took its 12 disc capacity reduced to eight. Players keen on with such equipment might want to be aware of those changes first before counting on them again.

Horizon Zero Beginning to date

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Beginning just been out for any week. Potentially, First Day hotfixes for quests like this can be commonplace for any couple of days or several weeks. Players will simply need to look out for patches and find out if they’ll affect their single-player playthrough. Stay updated with increased Horizon Zero Beginning news here on TheBitBag.

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