Pokemon GO Update: Latest Patch Shuts Lower Trackers

Pokemon GO Update: Latest Patch Shuts Lower Trackers

There is a Pokemon GO update that lately arrived on the scene also it apparently didn’t do anything new for that mobile game. No capabilities put together nor have there been any new products for purchase, therefore it appeared just like a minor update. However, it appears such as the update had an objective, as numerous tracker apps not work.

Appears like Niantic rushed this update to stop any remaining tracker apps, though we’ll observe how lengthy that lasts. It was observed by Reddit users who have been wondering just what was new within the mobile game’s update. That being stated, it’s understandable for Niantic to get this done, given that they managed to get simpler to locate Pokemon in-game.

Insufficient Trackers

Despite fans searching toward any future Pokemon GO update, the sport itself has lost some steam recently. The game’s stop by recognition also brought with a tracker apps disappearing, since players were shedding the sport. Admittedly, the sport went via a resurgence as recently, because of the inclusion of 80 new Pokemon.

Couple of tracker apps remain also it appears like Niantic has place the nail within the coffin with this particular update. More tracker apps could still appear, but fans can get Niantic to eventually take proper care of them, so may possibly not cost the download. Niantic has managed to get simpler to trap Pokemon, so these apps might go the clear way of the Dodo.

Forget About Trackers?

With this particular Pokemon GO update blocking the current tracker apps, it appears like Niantic wants all of them gone. It appears like the organization wants players to see one another the Pokemon they find, which belongs to the knowledge. That being stated, as lengthy because the game has fans, there’ll always be tracker apps that’ll be designed for the sport.

Presently, fans are awaiting the announcement from the next major update, that will supposedly overhaul gym battles. The final major update added 80 Pokemon from Gen 2, which got lots of praise from fans from the game. Players will also be wishing to determine a PVP option added soon, plus a breeding feature for baby Pokemon.

Pokemon GO can be obtained now on android and ios devices like a download free, so everybody can enjoy it. As the game is free of charge, there are specific products that are being sold with real cash, like Poke’ Ball bundles.

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